Ravar a city in Desert-kerman

There are many deserts in the world. A desert is a great area of hot,dry land. In the desert .there are many hills and drifts of sand or dunes.In some parts of the desert, the land is very high and there is some rain. In these high places, there are some plants and trees. There is also water from springs or wells. People live near these sources of water. They have houses and gardens with palm trees.

         Other people in desert lands move about from one place to another. They look for water and also grass for their animals. Life in the desert is not easy. There is not much water, and the weather is very hot in the day and cold at night.  Ravar in the north of Kerman province, in southern Iran, ravar is a Beautiful city. There  are  many monument  in ravar. In some parts of ravar there are many village,  sharifabad is a village in ravar .But Ravar carpet is very Famous there are many ravar carpet  in Museum  of  Different  countres.

By: mojtaba kamaly



This Picture shows Ravar


carpet Ravar

This Picture shows ravar carpet 


Tower of silence in ravar

This Picture shows a Tower of silence in Ravar-sharifabad


Pomegranate in Ravar 

This Picture shows Pomegranate ravar-sharifabad


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